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 KDE Desktop Shortcut Tutorial

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PostSubject: KDE Desktop Shortcut Tutorial   KDE Desktop Shortcut Tutorial Icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2008 1:08 am

How To Create A Desktop Shortcut

(For KDE)

To create a shortcut on the Desktop, right click in an open spot on the Desktop and choose "Create New" and from that pop out "Link To Application". A Properties Window will open where we will make our choices for Application Name and an Icon. For this tutorial Wine will be used as an example.
On the third Tab "Execute" we will type in the command name wine (small caps) in the text box provided. If you don't know the command name (like me with Netscape 7) click on the Browse button and navigate to where the program folder resides, choosing the shell script that starts the program (
On the fourth Tab "Application" type in the program name and a simple description. "Wine - Windows Emulation Program".
The second Tab is not needed so we go back to the "General" Tab. In the text box provided, type in "Wine". Last but not least, we now choose an Icon. Click on the Gear Icon and a "Select Icon" window will open for you to choose the appropriate one. See Below. That's it! When you click the "OK" button at the bottom, a new Application Link (shortcut) will appear on your Desktop.

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KDE Desktop Shortcut Tutorial
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